About Us

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We are Valeria Androsenko and Petr Ponomarenko, founders of Child Care Point. Valeria is an Educator with 8 years of experience, who has traveled across the United States to learn from the best educational practices of institutions such as Summer Hill Academy, Khan Academy, Montessori Schools, Krishnamurti Centers and many others. She is a dedicated teacher who has been working with kids of different ages in the USA and Russia. Petr is a data scientist with diverse experience working for USC, CHLA, and UCSD. Using his background in data analytics, he can create models predicting areas of high demand for child care services as well as growth potential for the future. Like many other just-married couples, we are concerned about the availability and quality of nursery, preschool, and day care centers in the USA.

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Since long waiting lists and high admission fees for toddler day cares have become the norm, parents are under considerable financial and social pressure and often have no choice but to accept any available placement rather than having the ability of choosing quality of education and safety as their top-priority. Although there are plenty of experienced, kind-hearted individuals that can provide proper care for our children, they usually struggle to legalize their services or need extra legal or academic support. We believe that children deserve the best care in safe, healthy educational environments and should be able to receive quality placements at any time of their educational and social development. Therefore, we designed this platform to serve individual home-based day care providers with the best support we can offer, including legal services, materials sharing, study plans, customer support, billing, mentors and more. We want to help parents find the best day care opportunity for their child with convenient time slots and desirable educational programs.


Petr and Valeria founded Child Care Point in January 2020.

"We just got married and were researching about day care for infants and toddlers, when we learned about very high prices and long waiting lists, especially in safe and nice-looking centers. So we decided to go with stay-at-home-mom route. But a few days later we found out about illegal unlicensed child care problems and how many safety issues they have. We have red about children dying there and other very disturbing facts and statistics. This very emotional moment inspired us to act and solve Child Care safety, availability and affordability issues. That day we started working on Child Care Point."

(Petr, January 2020)