Mentor Child Care

Running a childcare can be tough at times. It requires a great amount of knowledge, experience, love and patience and sometimes we really wish to have a shoulder to lean on. If you have already been the the field for 2 years and more and you would like to support brand-new childcare centres, you are more than welcome to apply to be a mentor on our platform

Revenue Share

Every Child Care provider you mentor shares profit or revenue with you for a set period of time. We want you to be interested in financial success of the next generation of providers

Extend your impact

Best practices should be used broadly. Imagine that every day you can improve learning experience of hundreds or thousands of children in your community and around the world

Learn faster

Learn from the community of great mentors, providers and children. We support your continuous education, licensing, certification, research, conferences, and publishing

Help online

Help child care providers by answering their questions and motivating them online over chat, phone or video calls. Earn money and help children get better quality learning.

Meet in person

Meet with great people who desire to provide child care. Help them learn how to be a better teacher.

Provide internship

Practice is better than all words. Every provider at SquareCare goes through intensive education and internship as an assistant. Help new providers learn by doing.

Create your team

Providing home-based child care together with others. Having an ability to spend time with like-minded providers, learn together and get team support is very important to enjoy teaching. As a mentor you will be able to assemble such a team of great teachers and grow together with them.


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