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SquareCare Bootcamp is a 4 month online program that takes you from the initial steps of business planning and obtaining a license to running a successful in-home childcare program with professional support

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Making a positive impact in the lives of children is one of the most exciting things you can experience. You can help children develop essential skills for life when you run an in-home childcare program.

You don’t have to struggle when trying to set up a childcare space in your home. You can legally operate a childcare center in your home with up to twelve children. You can make a different for children, and you can earn a substantial income.

With parents always looking for safe childcare centers, it helps to have plenty of options. You can make your home one of those choices. But you will need to establish a legal presence, which is where our SquareCare Bootcamp comes in handy.

The SquareCare Bootcamp is an online program that helps you learn how to plan an in-home childcare program. The camp includes details on how to arrange your business, obtain a license, and many other points.

The Basics of the Bootcamp

The SquareCare Bootcamp is all about helping caregivers start in-home childcare businesses. The program provides guidance and education for people who wish to establish their childcare centers. The system helps people to obtain a license to run a center for up to twelve children. You can complete the program online in four months.

What the Program Covers

  • 1) The SquareCare Bootcamp entails many critical topics. These are taught by experts in the childcare administration field. The topics include:
  • 1. Property rules, including how to choose a location that works for your business
  • 2. Finding a suite for operation, including learning about your local community and its childcare needs
  • 3. Various educational approaches and determining what you should utilize; you will learn about the Montessori School approach and others


4. License Requirements

  • 5. How to secure your promotional points for your childcare, including marketing ideas
  • 6. Managing legal points for operation, like how to report child abuse and other protective points
  • 7. Designing a school policy
  • 8. Planning your finances
  • 9. Open houses, including how to hold them and what you should express when presenting your services to people
  • 10. Observing how children behave in your childcare center
  • 11. Tax points, like how to file your taxes and what deductions you may utilize
  • 12. Insurance
  • 13. Planning lessons
  • 14. Nutrition, including what foods you should provide to the children at the childcare

2) Personalized Mentoring 

Every person who wishes to establish a childcare center has special needs for work. We will support you with personalized one-on-one mentoring support. We will provide weekly consultations between you and one of our specialists.

We can provide guidance on the legal points of your childcare, how to manage your property, and other factors. No question is too minor for us.

3) Internship Support

Are you looking for hands-on experience when seeing how you can manage a childcare center? You can talk with us at the SquareCare Bootcamp about securing an internship with a local childcare center.

We can help you find an internship with another center that focuses on an academic approach you wish to support. You will develop skills needed for running your center, plus you will review the needs for your center and what you should expect out of your future work

4) Marketing Support

We will help you in finding the marketing support necessary for your business. We can assist you in finding various promotional channels for work, including social media projects. We provide many solutions for your work that fit your needs.

*Professional Support Membership

5) Customized Classroom set  

You can also produce a customized classroom layout that is appealing to children while conducting a positive environment. You can choose from different items available, or you can create a layout.

All furniture and materials provided to childcare providers who hold Professional Support memberships (10%) belong to SquareCare. You will have to ship the goods back to us or cover their costs if you are going to terminate your membership.

*Professional Support Membership

Support From Our Experts

You will also receive support for your childcare from our experts who have years of experience managing childcare centers. Our team has years of experience in family and child support and manage various projects for work.

Contact us at the SquareCare Bootcamp to learn more about our services. We provide quality childcare education support and assistance to help you start your childcare center.

Valerie Androsenko, CA, SquareCare CEO

Valeria is an Educator with 8 years of experience, who has traveled across the United States and visited 140 schools to learn from the best educational practices of institutions such as:

  • Summer Hill Academy,
  • Khan Academy,
  • Montessori Schools,
  • Krishnamurti Centers
  • and many others.

She is a dedicated teacher who has been working with kids of different ages in the USA and Russia.

Pat Alexander (Miss Pat), CA

  • Leader and Mentor of Solutions Provider Network Support
  • Sacramento Valley AEYC President
  • Executive Board Advisor to Family Child Care Educators Association
  • California Child Care Law Center Advocate
  • Peer Advocate &mentor (united Child care Union) UDW/CCPU
  • legislative committee for the California state association CAFCC
  • Life time member and Board member for FCCP inc. (family child care providers inc.)
  • UCCP (united Child Care providers union) Peer Advocate
  • Bammy Award from the Science Academy of Education.  National award  2nd place in Family child care category (nationally)
  • NAFCC accredited
  • Former mentor with Child Action Mentor (special needs) project

Ms Pat opened her childcare in 1970 in Riverside CA, which started her long and impressive career path in childcare profession.

Over the years her child care has changed and continues to change to provide quality child care and continue to meet the needs of each individual child. In order to stay current with today’s standards she had become accredited through NAFCC 3 times and holds a current certificate of accreditation. Over the years she has logged in hundreds of professional growth hours pertaining to child care. She is also a mentor and support leader for other Child Care professionals locally, state wide and nationally. She teaches workshops at colleges and conferences. Along with those achievements, she has several outstanding awards for quality child care.

Olga Odhiambo, CPA

Career Milestones:

  • - Principal and Founer of GEM Accounting&Tax LLC
  • - Senior Accountant at ICF
  • - Manager, Corporate Accounting at HITT Contracting Inc and E*TRADE
  • - Graduate of University of Leicester - Master’s degree in Business Analysis&Finance.


For the past 2 years, she worked with several ECE Owners and Directors to help them increase their profitability and decrease their tax liability.

She helps Child Care Owners & Directors save time and money by helping them with their record keeping, tracking and managing their operating expenses, and best of all by saving money on taxes!

Oscar Tang

Career Milestones:

  • - Co-Chair Asian Outreach Committee,
  • - board member in Family Child Care Association of San Francisco

Oscar came into early child education by helping his own family to promote their childcare business in 2011. After a successful start, he received more assistance requests from members of his community including his wife and his aunt. Currently, he is a board member of the Family Child Care Association of San Francisco and glad to share his expertise in marketing and research with other childcare providers.

Zoe Paul

Zoe Paul is a Montessori educator, parent coach, and educational entrepreneur based in San Francisco.

Zoe moved to the Bay Area in 2015 with the goal of opening a preschool when she was struck by the fact that such an international, diverse, and vibrant community lacked sufficient childcare. She founded Sage Montessori, a home program, in 2017 from where she really began to understand the needs and goals of families within the community.

Zoe received her Association Montessori Internationale Diploma from the Montessori Institute of San Diego for children 0-6. Fun fact: Zoe was voted the most likely to have “the most Montessori-Montessori school” among her classmates! Zoe began her Montessori teaching career in Morocco where she was part of the founding team at the first Montessori school in the country. Later she moved to Russia where she helped design and found 2 Montessori schools which are still operating successfully today, and was a lead infant guide at LePort Montessori here in San Francisco. Zoe is also the founder of a non-profit organization called SAMEAA whose mission is to bring the Montessori method to children in post-conflict zones throughout the world.

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