Customized Classroom set

We provide you with furniture pick from our online store to design your ideal classroom. You can choose the available item or create your own or just found ideal online.

The furniture and materials that are distributed to Childcare providers holding Professional Support membership (10%) belong to ChildCarePoint. If you wish to terminate the membership, you will be required to ship the goods back to us or reimburse their cost.

*Professional Support Membership

Use our planning kit

We have prepared a planing kit that should help you visualize your space and have fun doing it.
Use this kit to try new things!  
See if you want to divide your room with shelves or keep it open. This is a great time to play with new ideas!
Chances are, there will be many people affected by the decisions you’re making. Make sure everything is right before you order.  
See if someone else has ideas to contribute. Work together to make the ideal space.
If you don’t find what you need in our lists, just make your own! Create a sheet for you to cut out extra items, like your large plants,or a custom piece of furniture. You know what you want to include in your room, and we want to help you to make it happen.  
Once you’re satisfied with your layout, snap a picture so you can remember what it looked like. Then you can rearrange the furniture and do a side-by-side comparison, or just make sure to put everything in the right place when the furniture comes.  
Make sure to send the right picture along to us at Child Care Point so we can help you fill out an order form. We are here to help in any way we can!

Size recommendations

Let’s get started!
Here are a few tips:
1. We advise you to check once more to ensure the space you’re planning is the size you think it is (if it's abstract project just search the average living room floor plan or use your current/potential property).  
2. Then, draw out your floorplan using the grid on page 'Floor Plan'. Remember - 2 feet in real life = 1 inch on the page. You can print and stick together as many as you need.
3. Other pages should be printed out at FULL-SIZE (not scaled at all) on 8.5x11 Letter-size paper. We recommend using a thicker paper, like cardstock, if you have it available. If you want, you can print out Page Floor Plan 11x17 Tabloid-size paper. Feel free to print certain pages multiple times!