Our Values

Our mission is to make child care safe, highly available and efficient for children in families, where parents prefer to work and grand parents are not an option. 


Our value are:

Integrity and openness. We share the complete picture with everybody including whenever there is mistakes. Mistakes are reported and learned from. Mistakes are not to judge or take advantage of people or systems. 

Safety and risk management. Everything we do is to increase safety and reduce risk for every participant. It means safe area for kids, reduction in risks for parents, providers, property owners, government, investors and our employers. 

Diversity and inclusion. Every child is different and our goal is to accommodate every need. Every parent has a saying, every provider, mentor, investor and employee. We must listen carefully and understand the real need and we will make our best to meet it  

Long term thinking. Children grow fast, but it is a complicated and interesting journey. For everybody interacting with child care point long terms priorities must be the most important. Yes it is important to understand what your child will do today, what is the price or how much provider, investor or employee makes this month or year, but first priority should be about 3-5 years from now for any decision. This can lead to short term losses but in the long run the system will be better for everybody. We exepect to live on earth for many years, not days or months.